My initial Modern Muse profile (back in 2010)

Inner strength:

When Rachel Bryan had her son as a teenager, her path changed. Last year, she and her business partner, Sharon Stephens, founded Veritas Language Solutions, a global translation, interpreting and multilingual language services organisation based in Swansea. Rachel discovered her passion for languages on her teenage travels around Peru and the Caribbean. She has a first class honours degree in translation (Italian/Russian/English) and was recently awarded a research grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

When my son, Noah, was born I was just 19 and was forced to mature quickly and become independent. Realising my own inner strength has made me reach for new success.

The translation industry as a whole has been found quite devoid of basic ethical values - the task of translators is underestimated and prices are constantly being driven down. From the outset we have treated our translators with respect.

It's no longer a man's world. Femininity in business is a powerful tool and women are showing their strength more and more every day.